MY/10014 Forklift elictriec met afstandsbediening heft 600 kg

Vol geladen 6 werk uren 

Vehicle size (L*W*H) 3200*1200*1400
Fork size 90*9*54*3 mm
Fork outer width 200-600 mm
Wheelbase Center Ground Clearance 160mm
Turning radius 1700 mm Lifting speed (full load/no load) 135/140 mm/s
Descent speed (full load/no load)155/150 mm/s
Climb ability (full load/unladen)20%;25%
service brake Electromagnetic brake
Power of driving motor 1.5kw
Power of lifting motor 2.2kw
Battery voltage/rated capacity 48V 32AH
Time required to fully charge the battery About 9 hours
Usage time 6-8hours
Driver's ear noise level dB <70